Roof inspection is one of the most valuable roof maintenance jobs homeowners should, but often do not do. It is very easy to procrastinate with and to overlook. Inspection can go an incredibly long way, and it only takes a full hour of your attention once a year, so you could fix any problems you encounter. If you are terribly afraid of heights, lucky you, you can inspect your roof from the ground. It is best to get close to your roof and use a ladder. However, each inspection starts with a thorough inspection the opposite-floors. So, before hopping on your roof, walk your way around your house and note any potential problems.


Here are some of the most prominent signs of damage according to Ranger Roofing Of Oklahoma, roof repair contractor in Tulsa, OK. You should search for any signs of cracked caulk or rust spots on flashing. These are often signs of aging just like buckling, curling and blistering shingles are. Take a look around your yard and see if there are any missing or broken shingles laying around. It is equally important to take a look at your vent pipes and see if they are cracked or worn anywhere. Inspect your chimney cap and search of moss, lichen or mold that could be a sign of decaying you need to deal with as soon as possible. Don’t worry too much about algae since they are just a cosmetic problem that can be easily fixed.


One of concerning signs are piles of colored grit in the gutters. Those granules that are stripped off serve to protect the roof from UV rays and shield them. In that situation, it would be the best to call a professional contractor and see what you can do about your roof and is it really at the end of its life cycle.





If you notice loose, damaged, broken or missing shingles, you should deal with them immediately. This is easy to repair, and you only need a few things from a supply store. Check for any popped pins that need to be fastened back in place.

If you are not afraid of the heights and you feel confident, then it is easy to replace shingles and caulk without the need of professional. You will spend much less money, but be sure to take sometimes and never hurry.

Flashing around chimneys, skylights, attic vents or in general any roof penetrations that has separated needs to be immediately resealed with caulk to prevent water from coming in. On the other hand, if you notice rust on your vents, replace them and do not repair them.





Professional repairs are always best and offer you safety knowing an expert fixed the problem. Contact at least two or three roofing companies before you hire anyone. You can hire a handyman for minor repairs, however, never let him/her replace your roof or do anything that demands serious knowledge, insurance and liability. Some work you can do on your own and save a nice sum of money. For a few missing shingles that need to be replaced, you will have to pay approximately 100 dollars. Replacingflashing around chimneys and skylights will require from 300 to even 500 dollars. Costs of significant repairs will vary depending on what your roof is made from and how severe the damage is. Ranger Roofing Of Oklahoma, a roofing company in Tulsa, OK says it’s always best to hire a reliable contractor. However, it is not always necessary.





Moss is an annoying and sometimes problematic roof appearance. It usually appears in the falls. The easiest way to get rid of moss is to use moss killer solutions. When spring looms, get a broom and use it to remove the rest of dead moss. Moss killers cost around 20 dollars and are the cheapest possible solution.

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