When it comes to choosing the best roofing material in Tulsa OK, asphalt shingles seem to be the most obvious choice. 3 tab shingles to be specific. As an experienced roofing contractor, we can attest to the advantages of this type of shingle material:

  • 3-tab shingles are cost-effective. You can refer to roofcalc.org for the prices but take note that this may vary depending on the manufacturer.
  • Light yet durable. Although 3 tab shingles weigh less than architectural shingles, still they are capable of resisting algae and 60 mph winds.
  • A boost in your curb appeal. Beauty is a huge reason to choose 3 tab shingles. In fact, they come in different colors that match your property.

Aside from these benefits, one aspect that most people concern themselves with is the lifespan. So you’d probably ask, “What is 3 tab shingles life expectancy?”

To answer the question how many years does a 3 tab shingle last, we’ve prepared this guide for you. For the first part, we’ll discuss the average service life of this roof. Next, we’ll explore factors that affect it.

Answered: 3 Tab Shingles Life Expectancy (And Factors That Affect Their Lifespan)

If you’re wondering what the lifespan is for 3 tab shingles, here’s the answer: they last anywhere from 10 to 30 years – or more.

But do remember that while a roofing material has an average service life, there are outside factors that decrease or maximize it. Let’s look at the following factors below.

1. Weather

view of Tulsa skyline

Tulsa OK experiences storms that impact the performance of roofing materials.

Nature is a huge factor that takes a toll on the roof. If you live in Tulsa OK, you experience sun, rain, thunderstorms, and tornadoes. These changing weather elements cause your roofing material to deteriorate over time. If they don’t leave a trail of damage, they still contribute to roofing wear and tear – though the effects aren’t immediate.

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How exactly does the weather affect the roof? Constant exposure to heat, for example, causes the roof material to shrink or expand. Your asphalt shingles crack and the top coating gets distorted. Another scenario is when winds lift shingles, making them susceptible to leaks.

2. Roof Pitch

Pitch is another factor that plays a role in 3 tab shingles life expectancy. The pitch of a roof refers to its slope. The higher the slope, the better its ability to shed water when it rains. Steep slope roofing also means that the roof material itself dries up faster.

As you know, water that soaks up the roof for a longer period of time causes the material to rot. If there are holes, water seeps through these entry points and weakens the rafters.

Interesting Fact: 3 tab shingles or shingles in general, are best installed on a sloped roof. Water easily gets trapped beneath the shingle. This explains why single-ply membranes like TPO and EPDM are the ideal options for flat roofing.

3. Attic Ventilation

rays of run entering attic

Attic ventilation is important to the performance of 3 tab shingles. Ask a professional roofing contractor on how to improve ventilation.

How does the quality of your attic ventilation impact 3 tab shingles life expectancy? Good attic ventilation facilitates the adequate flow of air, keeping the roof structurally strong for years. You’ll appreciate the benefits of attic ventilation, especially during winter and summer months.

  • Winter – A well-ventilated attic prevents ice dams from forming. A hot attic heats up the roof and makes the snow melt. The melted snow freezes once more at the gutters. Ice dams damage the roof in that they lift up shingles so that water enters your home.
  • Summer – Just imagine entering your car on a summer day. The heat that you feel is the same heat that accumulates in a poorly ventilated attic. Natural airflow reduces moisture in your 3 tab shingles. It also improves your home’s energy efficiency.

A professional roofing contractor determines the right attic ventilation for you. An ideal solution would be to install attic fans or soffit vents.

4. Age

You already know that 3 tab shingles life expectancy range from 10 to 30 years. It can go beyond that, given that the roof is well-maintained. So when it comes to age, roofs start to deteriorate as it reaches 10 years of age.

This explains why with insurance claims, insurance companies only pay for what the roof is worth at a certain age. In the event of insurance claims, know that Ranger Roofing can help by inspecting your roof together with the insurance adjuster. We’re an insurance claims specialist.

If you plan to buy a property in the future, be sure to ask about the roof age. Knowing that the roof has issues due to age, allows you to repair them before they progress.

5. Maintenance

3 tab shingles life expectancy

Maintenance is the most important ingredient for a longer roofing service life.

Most people forget their roof after the installation work has been completed. This should not be the case if you want your 3 tab shingles to last. A simple way to maintain the roof is to look for to probable signs of damage.

Then report these signs to your local roofing contractor so they can come to your place and address them. What are these signs that your roof needs professional attention?

  • Discolorations on your walls and ceiling (one of the indications that your roof is leaking)
  • Rusted, loose, or detached flashing material
  • Missing asphalt shingles (with 3 tab shingles, you usually see one missing shingle)
  • Dark streaks that indicate mold or mildew
  • Notice that the surface seems to have bubbles

Let your roofing contractor conduct a complete inspection and perform the needed repairs.

Interested in a 3 Tab Shingle Roof? Hire Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma

Thank you for taking the time to learn the life expectancy of 3 tab shingles. Again, while these roofing materials last up to 30 years or more, remember that a combination of factors come into play.

As a homeowner, you are responsible for the last factor in this post: maintenance. We’re not encouraging anyone to go up the roof and fix problems. Leave that to the professionals. Simply noticing issues that weren’t there and reporting them to a licensed contractor is the best move.

If you are thinking of getting a 3-tab shingle roof installation or another type of shingle roofing, let us complete your project. Call Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma today and get your FREE QUOTE: 918-347-4215.

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