The Advantages of Clay Roof Tiles for Tulsa OK Homes in 2018

Tulsa in Oklahoma has some of the best-looking residential properties in the state. When asked about their secret, homeowners often turn to the best traditional roofing material. Some state they love the advantages of clay roof tiles in terms of durability, longevity, and cost-efficiency

Many Tulsa constructions this year plan to use clay roof tiles for better roofing aesthetics. Do you think it’ll also be perfect for your roof? The best contractors will definitely tell you “yes!”

After reading this, you will know more about the advantages of clay roof tiles from their efficiency in handling the extreme changing weather in Tulsa to their general advantages.

uniform clay roof tiles for modern properties
Modern clay roof tiles have a uniform and elegant appearance.

Tulsa’s Roller Coaster Weather

Hot and Humid Summers

The record hottest summer in Tulsa, Oklahoma was 115 degrees Fahrenheit. This happened on August 10, 1936 and is the record for the highest temperature in the area. The second-closest highest temperature was 112 degrees Fahrenheit, which happened on August 2, 2011.

You can say that on regular summer seasons, Tulsa encounters about 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit, which is still hot. Weak roofing material will turn brittle and shrivel. However, clay tiles’ natural compactness that happens in both hot and cold temperatures make them perfect for Tulsa’s summers.

Extremely Chilly Winters

The lowest-recorded temperature in Tulsa was minus-16 degrees Fahrenheit, which happened on January 22, 1930. Tulsa’s second-coldest recorded temperature is minus-14 degrees Fahrenheit, which happened on January 18, 1930, a few days before it made weather history.

On regular cold winters wherein the temperature reaches 5-10 degrees Fahrenheit, the advantages of clay roof tiles become apparent. Just like in summer, they harden and become compact during winter. In this light, they’re excellent investments.

The Advantages of Clay Roof Tiles

Efficient Durability Even in Extreme Weather Conditions

Clay roof tiles look simple and beautiful on any property. However, they rarely turn brittle in extreme weather conditions. Chateaus, castles, and centuries-old residential properties in Europe and the United States stand as evidence that proves the resiliency and durability of clay tiles.

Despite radical weather changes, their compact property allows them to withstand several hailstorms, the most destructive weather condition for any roof.

advantages of clay roof tiles
Castles, museums, cathedrals, and other centuries-old structures that have used clay tiles still have majority of their roofs intact. This is a testament to the material’s great capacities.

Requires Minimal Maintenance

One of the best advantages of clay roof tiles for Tulsa homes is it requires minimal maintenance. In exchange for a beautiful and durable roof, you don’t need to call roofing contractors for regular check-ups.

Because of their naturally-occurring, temperature-induced compacting and hardening without changing size, they are more resilient than any other roofing material.

Of course, you will need the help of contractors if massive weather or hailstorm damage occurs on your roof. This will help you prevent massive and costly damage.

Provide Efficient Insulation

Any roofing material provides excellent insulation, and one of the advantages of clay roof tiles is to provide next-level insulation for any property.

Manufacturers produce modern clay tiles with traditional clay and several reinforcing materials. By adding density, they produce a dense roofing material that slows down the passage of air molecules into the property.

In turn, this effect reduces both the permeation of noise and outside temperature into the property. On the other hand, clay roof tiles keep the internal temperature locked inside. This means reduced electricity expenses because you can turn down the thermostat without any worries!

Amazing Curb Appeal

If you love the appeal of traditional Spanish homes, then one of the advantages of clay roof tiles is definitely for you.  Luckily, the best contractors in Tulsa can install and bring out the beauty of clay roof tiles.

Some manufacturers call clay roof tiles “Spanish tiles” because they introduce a Mediterranean appeal to any property. Both Spanish and Greek homes use clay roof tiles as part of their signature appeal.

In turn, you have a glamorous and traditional looking property. If you walk around Tulsa and look at some of the best properties around, you’ll find the best ones with clay roof tiles.


As mentioned earlier, castles, museums, cathedrals, and other structures that have used clay tiles throughout the centuries still have majority of the material serving as an effective roof for their property.

This is a testament to its lifespan and durability, truly one of the best and cost-effective advantages of clay roof tiles. They even surpass the lifespan of metal roofs, one of the most durable roofing materials.

reinforced layers of clay roof tiles
Clay roofs have great density than other roofing materials. Therefore, they are heavy and will require additional structural support.

Some Clay Roof Tile Imperfections

Despite its advantages, clay roof tiles are imperfect materials. Over time, they can turn brittle and break apart. Lower-quality variants might not have enough weight and allow hurricanes to flip and send them off the roofs of properties.

Here are other problems Tulsa homeowners might face when using clay roof tiles for their properties.


Early masons used heavy wood stilts to provide extensive support for heavy clay roof tiles. Because of their added density, they are durable and long-lasting. However, homeowners must make sure their roof joists can support the additional weight of clay roof tiles.

Most manufacturers and their licensed contractors will inspect roofs and see which areas will need reinforcement to prevent any accidents and future problems with clay roof tiles.

A Little Expensive

Clay roof tiles cost about $4-$6 per square foot. This means a full clay tile roof will cost about $4000-$6000.

Indeed, it is expensive. However, if you think about how it improves the entire value of your estate, then it’s definitely an excellent choice.

In addition, you enjoy a home with great insulation, protection against the elements, and a lifespan that can go beyond a century with minimal maintenance. Additionally, your property stands out from other homes in the community too.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the extensive advantages of clay roofing tiles and some of its shortcomings, do you still think it’s an excellent choice for your Tulsa property this 2018?

Remember, you earn the following when you use clay roofing tiles:

  • Over 100 years of protection
  • Substantial protection against the extreme weather changes in Tulsa
  • Withstand several hailstorms
  • Need minimal roof maintenance
  • Get a truly beautiful and aesthetically-pleasing property.

Did we miss anything? Are you using clay roof tiles on your property? How do you find it so far? Share your thoughts below!