Bathroom remodeling

Bathroom remodeling – From scratch till finish

Today we at Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma took a project of renovating a bathroom for a client and decided to share the process here in case you want to do the same or you are just need inspiration for your next remodeling project.

Start things off by making a plan; you can do this on your own or call a professional, either way, make sure to have the material cost, manual labor cost and the amount of time it takes to do it. Make a full technical drawing of the bathroom and go over it making sure everything is where you want it.

Before you start

First things to consider when renovating a bathroom are the power lines and other utilities. This step is crucial since these later get covered by tiles and can no longer be dug up.



After sorting these out and double checking everything is in the right place you can go on to the next step. Straightening the floor in the preparation of the tiles; make sure that there are no pockets of air where water or moisture could accumulate; if pockets of air get stuck behind the tile, it could break under pressure since it has no structural support.



Planning is everything

The next thing to do is to place the bathtub, toilet bowl, and the sink. Fitting these right is very important so take your time, after you’ve checked everything it’s time to connect them to the water pipes.

Now is the time to start placing your tiles, clean the surface from any dust and start putting one by one, secured by tile adhesive. Place cross blockers in the corners to make sure everything has perfect spacing. Leave them to dry over night and avoid walking over them during that time; it’s necessary for them to dry thoroughly so don’t rush anything.



When the adhesive dries start filling the spaces between tiles with a waterproofing silicone, make sure to fill all of the holes, we don’t want any water seeping trough and causing structural damage.

After everything is done clear away any excess material from the tiles and wash them with water, carefully watch the seals in case some of them are leaking.

Bathroom renovation completed


Add some finishing touches to your bathroom

Now that the core of you bathroom is complete you can start working on the aesthetics. Placing a mosaic around the mirror or decorating the walls are just some of the things you can do here, it’s best to leave your imagination to it and do as you think is best for you. There are thousands of online guides for small aesthetically pleasing projects you can do, and this is the perfect time to do them.

Job done - inside


When you’re done fixing up the minor details, it’s time to bring in the fragile equipment such as the mirrors and any furniture, doing this last prevents any damage happening to it and gives you the ability to organize it to your liking, in case something changes from the plan.