Elements of the Right Roof Design

Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Home Roofing Design

Your house may be in need of a new roof or replacement of its current one. Whatever the case, deciding the design of the roof you will opt for will require you to carry out some research.

Since you would be stuck with the design of the roof, you pick for many years if not your lifetime or that of the house, you must get your choice right the first time.

According to Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma, the number one residential roofing contractor in Tulsa, OK, you will need to consider the following factor before you decide the design of the roof of your house:

It must be suitable for your home weather

The weather of your home area is one of the key factors you must consider when deciding your home’s roof design. The design of your roof must be suitable such that it effectively shields you, your family and property against the weather elements – the sunshine, rains, winds or snow – throughout the year. For instance, the roof must be well sloped and made from the suitable material if you live in an area that snows heavily so that the snow can fall off quickly.

Old roof and your taste

If you are replacing your roof, you will have the benefit of hindsight having spent some time with a roof design and have an idea on how different the new roof will be from the old design. The changes in your taste from your old roof’s design to the design you desire now will influence the design of the roof you will settle for.

It must complement your house design

You must have thought well of coming up with the design of your house. The roof design you pick to construct for your new house or replace the current one must complement your home’s design. For instance, it must match in color with the color of the walls and design of your house. The roof must be dark if your house has a red, green, or yellow coat on the exterior.

asphalt roofing in residential houses

Aesthetical looks

Your choice of roof design could give your home a certain aesthetic look-classic, old, new, or ugly. These looks can also drive up or down the value of your home. For example, if you need your house to continue looking newish for a long time then you are better off going for neutral colors.  Trendier looking colors lose their good looks in a short while. If you are uninitiated on matters roofing the classic-style roof may put you off. But they will drive up the price of your home if ever you ever decide to sell it in future.

Local area building code

You may want a certain design, for example, use of solar roofing or any other such roofing materials in your home. You would have to check out your home area’s building code or regulations.

Roof structure

Whether you are constructing a roof for a new house or replacing an old roof, the roof structure you have in place will definitely determine your roof design. You may be able to adjust or tweak it in some way, but any wholesale change will entail you constructing a new roof.

“Peer pressure”

The roofs of the houses of your other family members, relatives, friends, workmates or neighbors would influence your choice of roof design. This is because you may have admired one of your next of kin’s, relative’s or friend’s designs or may not have liked any of their designs and you want a completely different design for your home.


Last but by no means least; your budget will definitely influence your choice of roof design for your home. This is because the more complicated the design is, the more it will cost you.

According to Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma, a roofing company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as you go out of your way to decide on what design you will opt for, take your time lest you live to regret.

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