Famous buildings of Tulsa

Architecture of Tulsa, Oklahoma

As the second largest city in the state of Oklahoma, it is not strange that Tulsa is filled with attractions at every corner. This 47th most-populous city in the United States with a population of 403 thousand people represents a multicultural and diverse location ready to fulfill every visitor’s interest and meet their expectations. Tulsa is the main municipality of the Tulsa Metropolitan area as well as the county seat of Tulsa County.

Beginnings of Tulsa date back to the period between 1828 and 1836 when the Lochapoka Band of Creek Native American tribe settled on the Arkansas River. The city is famous for its nickname, „Oil Capital of the world“ because it was one of the most significant hubs for the American oil industry in the 20th century.

Today, Tulsa offers employment in various advanced sectors and attracts countless tourists with interest points like Woody Guthrie Center, Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa Zoo, Tulsa Botanic Garden, The Golden Driller, Tulsa Air and Space Museum and so on.  But what caught our attention the most is the architecture of this purely American city.

Architectural style of Tulsa

When you take a first glance at Tulsa, you can instantly notice its modern design. Okay, although we at Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma, a local Tulsa OK roofing company, just deal with residential homes, still we have to admit it is a heart of contemporary architecture that reflects art deco style of buildings. Tulsa is the city of skyscrapers and tall buildings, so the majority of outstanding buildings belong to that category. Most prominent compelling buildings taking their place in Tulsa are the BOK Tower, the Cityplex Towers, Boston Avenue Methodist Church, First Place Tower, Mid-continent Tower and The Bank of America Centre.

Five grandiose buildings of Tulsa that will sweep you off your feet

1.    BOK Tower

The BOK Tower is placed in downtown Tulsa, and the only appropriate adjectives would be „fascinating“, „overwhelming“ and „giant“. Colossal would be correct as well because this skyscraper with its 667 ft of height was the tallest building in Oklahoma and four surrounding states.  There was not a competition building in any of the Plain States ( Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Oklahoma) until 2011 when the Devon Tower was built. Minoru Yamasaki designed it in 1976. He is a man responsible for another monumental and significant building in the US World Trade Center in NYC.

BOK Tower

2.    CityPlex Towers

Few people know that the complex of CityPlex Towers was actually meant to be a massive charismatic Christian hospital. The complex consists of three high-rise office towers that were constructed by Oral Roberts University. For a period it was a City of Faith Medical and Research Center. Today, Cityplex Towers are located at 81street and Lewis Avenue, and they are mostly places of various offices.

3.    First Place Tower

Right behind the BOK Tower and Cityplex Towers (by height) is the First Place Tower. Third, in Tulsa and fourth tallest in entire Oklahoma, the building counts 41 stories. It was constructed and completed in early 1973, and today it is a contributing property in the Oil Capital Historic District of Tulsa.

First Place Tower

4.    The Mid-continent Tower

The Mid-Continent Tower might be just the fourth tallest building in Tulsa and the fifth tallest one in Oklahoma, but it is one of the most memorable and recognizable city’s buildings. Why is this property so distinguishing? The secret lies in the time period the skyscraper was built in. The first 16 stories were designed and constructed in 1918 and the 20 top stories emerged almost 66 years later. The building’s most recognizable element is the copper roof. Just like the First Place Tower, it belongs to Tulsa’s oil capital historic District.

5.    The Bank of America Centre

Fifth tallest building in the city is located on the place where the former Tulsa County courthouse used to stand. It is a high rise building that was born out of an idea of the architectural company Kelley and Marshall of Tulsa. It has 32 floors and is 412 feet high. The Bank of America Centre is exclusive for housing the Oklahoma state Attorney General’s office.

The Bank of America Centre
Architecture lover’s dream

For those who love modern architecture and art deco style of building Tulsa, OK is a dream come true. It isn’t overwhelming as New York City but brings to table the best of contemporary architecture. Even after you conquer all the majestic skyscrapers, you still have a lot to visit in the Oil Capital!