Fixing an old roof

Roof Repair Project

Roof repair and roof replacement projects are more than just replacing a few broken shingles. Sometimes roof damage repair often turns into a roof replacement. Today, modern residential roofing industry uses advanced materials and techniques to create a stable roofing system to protect your home and your family.

Installing a new roof or repairing a massive leak requires time and commitment. That is why we try to educate homeowners as well on the process of re-roofing and repairing. It helps the owner understand the cost and the overall procedure as well as finally understand the importance of proper maintenance.  Roofing brings an overwhelming amount of information that we want to simplify to our clients.


Work in progress

Property Protection

Before we do anything, we assure your home is completely protected while we operate on your roof.  We use tarps and protective plywood to ensure nothing will harm your siding, walls or surrounding yard.

Checking the damage

Before tearing your roof and pulling shingles out, we make sure we check the source of harm.  We check the area just above the leak so we could also prevent any future damage.  Damage is usually easier to find on a flat roof. However, the source of a leak can be even a few meters away from the place of harm.

For a thorough check-up, we inspect your attic for any water stains or mold and use a water hose to figure out for sure where the leak comes from.

Locating Roof Leaks

Overall Roof Inspection

All our roofing projects can’t go without a full roofing inspection. Even though we checked the damage, we want to make sure your roof is in an overall good condition. We pay special attention to the wood decking and look for any soft or rotted spots that need to be replaced. Wood decking is the most vulnerable part of your roofing system, and it is also a base of your roof, so it has to be functional.

Stripping down broken shingles

When we inspected the roof and found problematic broken shingles, it is time to tear off the old, broken and useless material. Stripping down the existing shingles might seem easy, but it is actually a time-consuming procedure. Before we jump into tearing off the material, we have to prep the area. Tear-off is something homeowners often decide to do on their own. However,  they mostly end up damaging the roof base which is why we recommend you to call a professional contractor.  We use special tools to get rid of the broken material that allowed the water to come through. We are extra careful around the roof penetrations, and we always clean the deck afterward.

Stripping down broken shingles


Sometimes,   shingles are not to be blamed for a severe leak.  Connections like chimneys, flashing or vent pipes are known to be most often cause of a leak. Luckily, these are relatively easy to fix and prevent future damage. First, we look for damage to the caulking, remove worn-out caulk and apply a fresh coat.  If necessary, we replace flashing and look for harmed brick chimneys.

Site Cleanup

After we completed your roof and fixed it, we clean up the place of the job. Our crew never leaves without cleaning because we find that our clients deserve a full service.

Completed house project

Final Inspection

Each of our roofing projects finishes with one final review. Post-roofing inspection is often underrated, but we never leave the site if we are not entirely sure that the damage is properly repaired. Once you’ve witnessed the check-up, we leave your leak-free home. This project was done by Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma, a trustworthy Tulsa, OK roofing company.