How to spot a roofing scam


There are many important things on your house but not as important as the roof. Your roofing system can be easily considered a crucial part of your home. It makes your home functional, and you simply couldn’t live without it. With that said, it is obviously not an option for your roof to be poorly installed. That’s where contractors step in. The perfect contractor is not easy to find, and he will stay with around for many years. As your trustworthy company, we want to warn you about the bad side of the roofing industry. Lately, there is a whole community of mysterious contractors and roofers who are not licensed and only go for your money. Ranger Roofing hopes to clear up the situation with this article and show you some signs of shady roofers. We hope that you will be able to use this article as a guide towards an honest and reliable roofing company.

Why are we writing this?

You may ask yourself; why would you want to open my eyes? Doesn’t this make it harder for you to cheat on me too? Well, that is not what the policy of Ranger Roofing is about. We intend to be your most trust roofing company. Let’s not forget the way these scammers influence the roofing industry: prices are falling and quality with them. That’s why we are doing this- to protect our costumers and ourselves as well.

unfinished roofing in Tulsa

Storm chasers

The so-called storm chasers are very often. The key to their success is to be at the right place at the right time. They follow the weather conditions and where there is a storm, there are storm chasers. After the severe storm, when they know that people are desperate, they visit the potential clients and offer their services. Of course, people desperate for their roof will accept the offer. Storm chasers play it wisely: they do the job poorly, leave their contact and wait for another storm. Of course, people will call them again.

Overcharging their service

It is possible for the service provider to overcharge their service. This is especially common in the roofing industry since very few people know almost anything about roofing. If you are not informed, you can’t resist paying. That’s why you should always check your price with at least two more contractors.

old wooden shingles in roofing

Do you really need to repair it?

If you ever call a roofer to repair your shingles only to find out there are ten more things to fix: be cautious. This scam is quite an often one. A common mistake that roof repair contractor have noticed that since your roof is damaged often  you will accept any offer as it needs to be repaired and problem solved. Don’t fall for it; there are big chances you are being scammed.

You can protect yourself from this; those are good news. We at Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma are your partner at stopping this from happening. We try hard to keep our blog updated with the latest prices and techniques which you can use to compare the price with. It is not impossible to escape the tricks, you only need to keep your eyes wide open, and we are here to help you with that.