Interview with non-profit Joy in the Cause from Tulsa, OK


Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma, a local roofing company from Tulsa, Oklahoma, spoke to Joy in the Cause, a non-profit charity organization, to get familiar with their work, goals and motivations. Recently, we started a local campaign to promote local non-profit and non-governmental organizations from Oklahoma so more people could find out about their work.

In the following interview, you can find out what they exactly do, why they decided to start the organization, which were the hardest moments during their work and what was their most fulfilling moment. It would also be very generous of you to donate a small amount if possible because funding is often very questionable for the non-profit organizations. Enjoy the reading!


To begin with, we would like you to briefly tell us about your organization

Joy in the Cause is a 501c3 nonprofit charity established in 2014, whose mission is to bring care, compassion, and joy one personal act of kindness at a time, focusing on those with life-limiting illnesses and special needs.


  1. What do you do exactly?

And what was the reason that encouraged you to start this organization?

Lisa Bain, founder, and her mother, Juanita Jernigan, received dual diagnoses of cancer and auto-immune disease on the same date many years ago. Rather than accept defeat, Juanita, in typical faithful fashion, said, “Well, this is a hoot!”. They decided right then and there that their journey would be about JOY, seeking it and delivering it, thus Joy in the Cause was born! Mrs. Jernigan would often tell Lisa, “Sometimes the greatest gifts come in the most unlikely of packages. Don’t forget to open every package each day!” Though Juanita has since made her journey Home, Lisa embodies her spirit and positive outlook in the day-to-day at Joy in the Cause. Lisa, and almost 600 volunteers, strive to help those who have “fallen through the cracks” in their local community – from families experiencing crisis, to children battling cancer, to delivering packages of care to area first responders to help those in need, Joy in the Cause strives to help any and all in serious need in their community.


  1. What motivates you?

Describe your mission passion

From the very first Hope visit with Mavis Pearl (therapy bulldog ambassador of Joy in the Cause) to a little girl in her last hours at Children’s Hospital, Lisa has seen the need for a compassionate ear and loving arms. Sometimes, all that is needed is a hug, and the desire to talk about anything other that “the diagnosis” or the crisis at hand. Joy in the Cause seeks to be that steadiness in the storm for families and individuals, some facing the toughest storms of their lives. Over the past 3 years, Joy in the Cause has seen the impact spreading Hope can have. They always say “Giving = Joy, Joy = Hope, and Hope = Healing”, and they see this lived out every single day through their care packages and volunteers.


  1. Tell us about your goals

Joy in the Cause has several programs which serve the Tulsa Metro Community. The immediate goals of these programs are: to place a backpack (from their project Joy to the Rescue) in the hands of EVERY first responder in NorthEastern Oklahoma, and to facilitate more Hope Visits (care packages of all shapes, sizes, and monetary value to support families/individuals in need) that every before in their history. Joy in the Cause is rapidly growing, and sees more need than ever before in our community. Through local business partnerships and benevolent sponsorships, Joy in the Cause hopes to be able to continue to meet the needs of those who are hurting for many years to come.


  1. What was the hardest/toughest moment you had to deal with?

Obstacles you faced when dealing with bureaucracy, permits, funding, etc. Something you would like to point out to anyone who might be starting their own organization.

To date, Joy in the Cause has been exponentially blessed by an abundance of volunteers and community interest. In their three short years, however, as the needs pouring in have grown, Lisa and the Board of Directors see the importance of finding resources for a staff at Joy in the Cause. At this point in their history, there are no paid staff members, only volunteers helping to meet the needs of the community. Unfortunately, as is the case for many nonprofits, there are many individuals in our area, and nation-wide we suspect, who are eager to take advantage of a new organization, and Joy in the Cause was no exception. Joy in the Cause approaches staffing cautiously, but with the faith that they will find the “just right” fit of people to usher them into their future!


  1. What was the most fulfilling moment that happened to you?

So many moments at Joy in the Cause have been overwhelmingly Joyful! The very first Hope visit with a young lady who was in her last hours of life, where Mavis Pearl got to sit by her side and extend her own special brand of comfort and hope to the family, and the little girl, was the catalyst to start it all. The Purpose Project was birthed from a visit, with Mavis Pearl, to a local nursing home. The staff told Lisa that a gentleman had been dropped off and had hardly left his room in a year. Mavis did her best to coax him out of his room, but her initially refused. Lisa left his a stuffed Mavis Pearl dog (a stuffed animal created in the likeness of the real Mavis Pearl), and went on down the hall to visit other residents. Before they left for the day, Mavis trotted back down the same hallway, confusing to Lisa, until she saw that the gentleman has rolled out of his room, into the hallway, and Mavis was going for her visit with him! Through tears of joy, the man softly asked Lisa, “You’re not coming back, are you?”. With her own tears, she hugged him and said, ” You better believe we are!”. This event was over two years ago, and now a local business partner, First Mortgage Company, visit this same nursing home every single month! Stories like these – and there are many more – are what keep Joy in the Cause going strong!


  1. What separates you from the rest? Why you?

Joy in the Cause fights for the little people; for those who don’t quite fit with a cause; for those who have “fallen through the cracks”. Lisa says often, “Your cause matters!”, and this exemplifies the epitome of the mission and vision of Joy in the Cause. The Board of Directors strongly support the sustaibablity of an organization whose main focus is continuing to help the local community and meeting the needs of those who have nowhere else to turn. Joy in the Cause will always strive to stay relevant to their population served, and will always stand up for those who need someone in their corner.


  1. Do you have any upcoming events in the forthcoming months?

Joy in the Cause is excited about the “Boo – Stone Wine Dinner and Costume Contest” on Monday, October 30th, hosted by the fabulous Blue Stone Steakhouse at 101st and Sheridan in Tulsa. Bill Tacket and his fantastic staff will treat guests to a multi-course dinner with wine pairings, topped off with a costume contest and silent auction. All proceeds will be donated to Joy in the Cause, and tickets are only $69/plate. For reservations, please call 918.269.9889.

Also, what better way to give back this Christmas then to let Joy in the Cause volunteers wrap your Christmas gifts for you! Volunteer will facilitate several wrapping tables this year at Woodland Hills Mall, on the low level, outside of the Microsoft store. Stop by to have your presents wrapped for the small price of any donation you feel appropriate!


  1. What is it that you love most about what you do?

Bringing Joy, one care package at a time, is the most fulfilling part of the mission of Joy in the Cause. Meeting various people and hearing their stories of triumph in the face of evil. Helping people to find their own courageous story. This is all an integral part of spreading the Hope that is found everyday at Joy in the Cause.


  1. What is the biggest challenge you’re faced with today?

As mentioned, sustainablity and funding for a trustworthy staff are the biggest factors Joy in the Cause faces today, likely faced by most budding nonprofit organizations, as well.


  1. Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Joy in the Cause. Please visit our website for more information, to view our current “Wish List” of donatable items, or to sign up for monthly giving.


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Joy in the Cause
3939 S. Harvard Ave, #185
Tulsa, OK 74135


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