Metal as a residential roofing system

 Materials used in metal roofing systems

Metal roofing are slowly rising in popularity due to their many benefits. Although they were a common material used in commercial roofing systems, according to Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma, a metal roofing contractor in Tulsa OK, they have only recently entered the vast world of residential roofing systems.

Not only are they almost as thrice as durable as the asphalt roofing, but they are also relatively cheap and basically anyone can afford it. Furthermore, they are made of recycled materials and can be recycled after they’re no longer fit for your roof. When it comes to dealing with harsh weather, you needn’t worry. Your new metal roofing system can handle strong winds that reach hurricane levels, and huge masses of snow.

If you’re a homeowner that wants a modern, innovative, cheap AND eco-friendly solution for their roof, here are a few tips on the various materials used in the metal roofing industry.

Tulsa metal roofing in Oklahoma


The most popular materials used in metal roofing systems are steel, aluminum, copper and zinc.

There are two main types of galvanized steel most commonly seen topping residential roofs. The first one is the G-60 steel and the second one is Galvalume steel. Galvalume steel is growing in popularity since it’s the newest, upgraded version of steel which comes packed with a longer lifespan. The main benefits of using steel are its low price and extended longevity. Their prices can vary between $270 up to $425 per square foot. Also, they don’t require an additional level of coating. On the other hand, steel roofs aren’t suitable for use in salty, moist environments. They are also generally extremely susceptible to corrosion.

Aluminum metal roofings are more durable than steel roofings but are also higher in price. As opposed to steel roofs, they are the recommended option for naturally salty environments with a lot of moisture in the air. Their average price is around $550 per square foot. They don’t require an additional coating.

Copper and zinc are the most durable metal roofing solutions but are also the most expensive. When maintained properly, which requires minimal effort, they can last up to a few hundred years. Also, they add a lot of resale value to your home, making it a better deal if you ever decide to move out. They have amazing isolation properties, which means your annual energy bills are certainly going to be a lot lower than usual. They don’t require an additional layer of coating.

Here at Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma roofing contractors in Tulsa, we make sure your roofing systems are of premium quality no matter which material you end up choosing. The support of our professionals combined with the experience and knowledge of our esteemed roofers is guaranteed to provide you with the perfect roof for your home. As residents of Oklahoma, we have grown up in this finicky weather, which means we know what we’re doing.

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