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Through years of working in a roofing industry, we noticed that many people picture the actual process of roof replacement different than how it really is.  Sometimes, homeowners think of it as a job from hell, they feel sorry for us, complain about how messy everything is, how complicated the entire procedure is. Other times, they have wrong misconceptions that we simply nail a few shingles and voila!

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Roof replacement is more than just getting a new color for your roof. It’s about protecting your biggest treasure- your home and all the memories that it holds. Luckily, numerous high-quality roofing materials can withstand different weather conditions. Your roof can determine how efficient your home is and how much you pay for electricity and heating.  It plays a significant role in the functionality of your property.

Installing new roof is, indeed, a big commitment. You will have to invest money and time, so, of course, you want results. Before engaging in such process, you should be aware of all the facts related to it. From details about costs to what roofers do on your roof. Informed homeowners are more likely to pick the right contractor and get the best possible roof for your home. We deliver you steps of roof replacement. Knowing these steps can contribute to better understanding of prices and estimates your contractor gives you. You will finally get the right picture of roof replacement and what has to be done for roof to functional ideally.  Finally, you will be able to evaluate how well your contractor is doing the job.


Any professional roofer should always start by protecting your property. If he/she doesn’t do so,  then your home is automatically endangered. Your property should be fully protected while a replacement is in the process.  Our roofers always cover and secure walls, plants sidings, etc. For the best protection, they use plywood.


Removing old roofing material isn’t obligatory, but it’s definitely desirable.  No one is able to inspect the roof deck and repair the damage if the existing layer of shingles isn’t removed. Roofers at Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma get rid of the old material and inspect the base.


Quality roof replacement can only begin properly with wood decking inspection. After they’ve removed existing shingles, workers check the decking for any wet or rotted spots. They search for worrying signs and solve the problems before continuing.  Inspection is a must because a roof can only be as functional as its base is. Roofers check the wood sheeting as well and reattach them to the roof rafters. We look for any missing pins or flashing. It’s crucial to inspect the decking properly.  After they inspected the whole decking, they firmly re-nail it, so the roof is secured.

Check out our latest roof replacement project below! Through timelapse you can see every single detail and step and how we did it.


Before applying a new layer of roofing material, we take care of everything else and prepare the surface.  Your roof isn’t just made of shingles: it’s a system which means more things need to work properly. Our roofers install a drip edge, a piece of metal that prevents rain from penetrating the roof edges and apply roof underlayment. Underlayment can be made from different materials, but it serves to protect the house and roof from the water.  Workers then cover the roof with roofing felt to prevent sticking.


Finally, when everything is taken care of, we apply your new roofing material. It is the most exciting time for homeowners as they love seeing their home transform. This is also a very delicate step: shingles have to be properly adjusted, and application must go from the bottom top. Our roofing team first lays out the roofing material, installs flashing and ridge vents.  They move fast but carefully. You recognize a quality roofing team if people work in coordination and there is a visible division of tasks.


After they finish the job, our people clean the job site. Cleanup is included in the price, and we take it seriously. It’s simply logical that we don’t leave a mess behind. You can start enjoying your new roof right away without having to clean anything.


After each project is over, our roofers take the time to inspect the final result. Post-roof inspection is just as important as the first one. If anything doesn’t work properly, we take care of it instantly, so the homeowner doesn’t have to.

Roof replacement is a major step that all homeowners will have to face sooner or later. So, why not make it a fun one with Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma? Call today and schedule your FREE roof inspection!

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