24 hours emergency repairs – How to act and what to know

Your roof is the most critical component of your house. It’s also the most exposed one, so it’s in extreme danger whenever a storm hits. It protects everything inside your home your family, your possessions, your pet and you. You don’t spend a lot of time thinking about emergency repairs on your roof but what would you do if a tree falls on your roof? If the wind pulls out shingles? Who would you call and how would you react?  It’s important to know how to act if an accident occurs. We’ve been in many situations when a homeowner tried to fix his roof on his own and made an even bigger mess. That’s why this article will explain everything about emergency repairs, so keep reading if you want to protect yourself and your family from over panicking.


Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma, emergency roof repair contractor in Tulsa, OK, considers emergency repairs to be all those that have to done immediately for the sake of homeowner’s home and well-being. A severely damaged roofing system will allow water to flow in. An emergency repair would be patching the place and protecting interior and structural damage from spreading. It’s a short-term fix until we are ready to dedicate more time to the problem. On example, if a tree falls on the roof, we will do everything we can do stop further damage, and we’ll wait for the weather to stabilize.

Emergency Roof Repair


Most often emergency repair we have to do is deal with serious roof leaks. In the majority of cases, roofing system was damaged thanks to weather conditions, fire or animals. Weather conditions can do the most and the worse damage. Trees often fall on our clients’ roofing systems, high-speed wind pulls out shingles or lighting strikes and creates a hole in the roof. This leaves the base of roof completely exposed, and water can easily find its way into the house. Sometimes, the leak appears due to objects falling on it or animals chewing sensitive parts of the roof.


We react as soon as we can. Of course, we have our safety to look for as well. Often, customers panic and don’t understand when we say we have to wait for the massive storm to pass. We can’t do anything if lightning strike continuously. However, as soon as conditions stabilize, at least to some extent, we gather our tools and go to the job site. If the roof suffers from leaking, we cover the source of leaking with a temporary patch. In the case of fire, we try to secure the roof and bring it to the water-tight condition.


The most important thing is not to panic. Panicking will only create a more tense atmosphere for both you, your family and our roofing team. You can’t do anything about the damage once it’s already there. So, instead of panicking, you should contact Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma, Tulsa roofing company, and we’ll be on our way. If you have insurance, you don’t need to worry about the costs either. We recommend you to stay calm because many storm chasers will try to use your fear to profit. Storm chasers will not do a high-quality repair, and your roof will soon be damaged again.  Never, and never try to do an emergency repair on your own. You can end up damaging your roofing system even more. But that’s less important. It’s extremely dangerous, and you can seriously injure yourself, so let a professional roofing team deal with it.

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