Should you consider eco-friendly roofing options


Many eco-friendly roofing systems can reduce your cooling and heating costs. This type of roofing is great for those who are environmentally conscioused and want a greener, sustainable energy. Maybe you think that owning and installing this type of roof may be very expensive, but remember that the investment will be payed off  in a few years. These systems are becoming very popular, in the US and worldwide. If you are thinking about choosing a greener and eco friendly roof, here you will find all the important features and properties that the eco-friendly roofing systems have.


This cool roofing is reflecting the sunlight/daylight away from you roof and does not hold onto that heat. Mostly, during the summer, your roof temperature can go over 100 degrees, and with this cool roofing, you are reducing that temperature for more than a half. The roofs temperature will be a little above the air temperature. With it, your attic, and its insulation will no longer suffer. It can save you more than 15% on the costs and bills. These roofing types come in many colors, sizes, and shapes. They can lower your roofs temperature for over 50 degrees, which no other roofing material can. Eco roofing systems are the best choice for those who want to be in contact with nature and the future.

cedar wooden shingles as an eco-friendly roofing in Tulsa


If you are considering one of many eco-friendly roofing options  by your Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma, residential roofers in Tulsa you should also consider using the solar power and hot water systems for the best performances. They are also big investments, but you will completely reduce overall costs of your property.

solar panels on top of the roof for ecofriendly roofing


This roofing system is also called a garden roofing because it can be a garden, as well. It can be covered with vegetation and soil. These systems are very popular in Europe. Green roof systems can reduce the air condition cost because they offer you great insulation properties. Garden roof helps you in preventing the floods and similar water damages. They are long lasting and easy to install and maintain. The green roof can cost from $10 to $30 a square foot, all depending on the materials used. This roofing type is very heavy and you might have to invest building up the structure of your house.


If you are an eco-friendly homeowner that is seeking a greener and sustainable energy, or you just want to reduce your costs and bills, this is a great choice. The green roofing systems are very durable, eco-friendly, have great insulation properties, reduces your costs, and offer you a great aesthetic look. Green roofing systems are adding a value to your home and property, and that is why you should consider choosing an eco-friendly system. For more information and questions, contact us at Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma, roofing contractor in Tulsa and we will give you further information about everything you need to know about the eco-friendly roofing systems and their properties and qualities.