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Tulsa is a beautiful city with a population of roughly 400,000 residents. Situated in the north-east corner of Oklahoma, Tulsa County is the most densely populated area in Oklahoma. Tulsa was formed near the end of 19th century, by a group of local Creek Native Americans. During the first ten years of its existence, its population increased tenfold, creating a fertile land for further growth.

Tulsa is known for many things, beautiful landscape, kind people and awful weather. Its most distinguished features include the beautiful, clear Arkansas river and the stern Ozark mountains, topping the town. Furthermore, Tulsa has a very diverse architecture, with examples from many different styles merging to create a whole, homogeneous image of a beautiful, vivid town. Among all of these styles, Tulsa is known for its art deco architectural examples and hosts a number of art-deco events throughout the year.

Furthermore, Tulsa had a rich, flowering oil industry and was even referred to as the Oil Capital of the World. The residents of Tulsa have taken advantage of that, but haven’t relied on that completely, creating many other attractive features that further complement Tulsaand attract even more and more people.

Tulsa’s name came from Tallasi, which in Creek language means old town. During the civil war Oklahoma wasn’t yet a state, however Tulsa, long since established, has shared a fair share of fighting and war. One of the most important battles of the Civil War occurred on Tulsan territory.

Another thing Tulsa’s well known for is its weather. Finnicky, harsh and unpredictable, in short. Although it does add to the charm of the city, it is still hard to deal with things you don’t expect. Especially in the late spring and early summer period where there are a lot of instances of violent thunderstorms, with many other things that might accompany it. That can include hail, strong winds, and on special occasions, even tornadoes.

Its hard dealing with such weather on a daily basis. Huge amounts of money can go to waste simply because you chose a cheaper, short-term solution. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma, serves to accommodate to the needs of common people. Our services can’t be matched, all while keeping a steady price. Being native Tulsans, our professionals were born and raised as proper Oklahoma people. Being such, they know exactly what you’re dealing with. Being your neighbors, we care. We know what you have to deal with daily and will provide exactly what you need. A strong, durable roof, that will hold out during those first few months of the year, for many years to come. Trust us to take care of any kind of roofing problem you may encounter.

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