Why Choose Tile Roofing

Tile Roofing: Benefits for Homeowners

Natural disasters such as wind, fire, earthquakes, and weather-related issues happen all throughout the United States. For homeowners, who have significant investment in the homes they’ve purchased, these disasters can be especially catastrophic. After all, purchasing and maintaining a home is a significant and ongoing investment. Tile roofing has become increasing popular to those looking to avoid significant roof damage and enjoy an attractive roofing solution.

Learn more about tile roofing and why current and prospective homeowners are installing tile roofing on their homes today.

10 Reasons Why Homeowners Choose Tile

Homeowners looking for a durable and eco-friendly option with little maintenance ought to investigate the option of tile roofing, as concrete and clay tiles are manufactured in many styles and colors and the installation system allows for ease of maintenance and repair. What are the advantages of tile roofing for homeowners?

  1. There is an array of color options available. Light shades, dark shades and multi-colored options make it easy to coordinate a roof with the home exterior.
  2. Varying styles to choose from. The full range of styles include those that look like traditional barrel style, wood or slate. Roof tiles can be created to match any architectural style desired.
  3. Tile roofing can increase home value. Appraisers give more credits for tile roofing than for homes with asphalt shingles or similar materials.
  4. Tile roofing has the lowest life cycle cost of available roofing materials. Tile roofs can last a century or more.
  5. Tile roofing products and systems are Class A fire resistant.
  6. Tile roofing is designed to withstand high winds.
  7. Manufactured concrete and clay tiles suffer less damage from large hailstones.
  8. Tile roofing material exceeds current seismic load requirements.
  9. Tile roofs are a sustainable and environmentally friendly option that can be recycled and has a low impact on the environment.
  10. Tile roofs can promote lower heating and cooling costs due to the natural air flow and ventilation.

Tile roofing may increase home value and reduce energy costs during a lifetime of homeownership. Tiles’ natural resistance to fire, wind and hail damage makes it a valuable and durable investment, offsetting the up-front costs of installation with low maintenance and lifetime durability, even in areas with hurricanes or earthquakes. Tile roofing offers durability and a life cycle not found in other roofing materials, and tile roofs can be a selling feature when a homeowner decides to sell their home.

Ease of Installation

Homeowners turn to trained professionals to install and maintain tile roofs. Contractors go through a rigorous training process and are tested on the approved methods of installing tile roof. Certified installers can be found through the TRI website.

When a repair is necessary, the simplistic installation design of tile makes it that much easier to repair. Tiles are individually installed, so replacing broken or damaged tiles is as easy as removing them and putting new tiles on. The initial investment in tile roofing is offset by the “roofing cycle” of this material, ease in maintenance, and energy cost savings.

Tile Roofing Weather Resistance

Homeowners make a considerable investment into their home. A roofing choice that naturally withstands hailstones, seismic activity, 150 MPH winds and Class A fires is an attractive option. The recent rise in hurricanes, heavy rains and fires in some areas of the country are making home homeowners put additional thought into their selection of a durable and weather-resistant roofing material. Installation of a tile roof is also attractive to buyers when it comes time to sell a home. Homeowners should speak to a roofing specialist about associated costs of tile roofing on a specific property or to learn about the process of installation.