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All design lovers, green building enthusiasts, regular DIY projects workers: attention! Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma is looking for creative writers! Why not join our team?

We decided it is time to give the opportunity to all home improvement lovers to share their experience. Our professionals will still be present, offering high-quality and trustworthy information and pieces of advice. However, we believe that everyone has something wise to share!

Path to success

To maximize your chances of getting published, please follow these rules:

  • Originality is our top priority! An original piece with a few mistakes is better than a copied version of full accuracy.
  • To make reading easier for our frequent visitors, divide your article using headings. We prefer articles not to go below 300 words or beyond 1000. Some deviations will be allowed but try to follow this rule so you could get a better grip over your ideas.
  • When it comes to topics, the stage is all yours! Exterior design, interior improvements, DIY solutions, green building, innovative materials for roofing-  anything related to house and roofing is attractive to us.
  • We won’t mind if you add one external link to the bottom of your page. It is important that you incorporate it naturally and that it is related to the topic. it
  • Adding images is a great way to enrich your work. If you are using photos of your own, make sure they are royalty-free. If you use Creative Commons images put a link so you could give credit to the photographer.
  • We always hold the right to edit your blog posts so it could completely match the style of our website.
  • We won’t pay you for your guest posts, but you will have other benefits: let our broad audience know about your and your knowledge. Share tips and spread ideas. Get to our community to know you!

Ranger Roofing Of Oklahoma is waiting for your submissions! We will let you know whether or not we decided to publish your work as soon as we can. Completed work send to through our email!

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