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Famous buildings of Tulsa

Architecture of Tulsa, Oklahoma As the second largest city in the state of Oklahoma, it is not strange that Tulsa is filled with attractions at every corner. This 47th most-populous city in the United States with a population of 403 thousand people represents a...

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Fixing an old roof

Roof Repair Project Roof repair and roof replacement projects are more than just replacing a few broken shingles. Sometimes roof damage repair often turns into a roof replacement. Today, modern roofing industry uses advanced materials and techniques to create a stable...

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Bathroom remodeling

Bathroom remodeling - From scratch till finish Today we at Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma took a project of renovating a bathroom for a client and decided to share the process here in case you want to do the same or you are just need inspiration for your next remodeling...

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Pergola construction project

Adding additional value to your backyard - Pergola Today we're going to talk about how we took down a project of making a pergola for one of our clients. Pergolas are ideal for your backyard during hot summer days. We at Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma, top rated Tulsa, OK...

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Knowing When Your Roof Needs Repair

Most Common Signs that Your Roof Needs a Repair You may have fixed a broken window here, a pothole on floor there or a wall whose paint has come off somewhere. Even maybe a rain gutter that had started leaking water near the doorway. Check the roof But you may have...

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How our exterior siding project went by

Exterior Siding Project Today we're going to show you how we tackled down a project of replacing the siding on a client's house and show you how you can do the same. If you're interested in doing a project like this on your own make sure you know what you're doing and...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Sectional Gutters

Pros and Cons of Sectional Gutters According to Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma, the best gutter company in Tulsa, OK, sectional gutters look like fully-enclosed pipes that were cut in half lengthwise. They are a half circle of gutter material, with the open half facing...

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Elements of the Right Roof Design

Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Home Roofing Design Your house may be in need of a new roof or replacement of its current one. Whatever the case, deciding the design of the roof you will opt for will require you to carry out some research. Since you would be...

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Smart Homes and How They Work

How Smart Homes Work It sounds unreal. Smart homes are just that; smart. You can use your smartphone or tablet to perform any function within the house without getting out of your settee. According to Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma, the top residential roofing contractor...

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Everything About Gutters

Gutters: History, Types, Use and How To Select the Best for Your House Gutters are at best ignored and at worst dismissed. Few homeowners talk about them when discussing their houses or buildings. When they talk about them, it is when either they need some repair or...

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