Gutters are the smallest of all the parts that make your roof. Sometimes, you find them quite inconsequential to the point you will not bother learning gutter cleaning tricks.

However, your gutters are extremely vital for your home. When strong rains pummel, gutters act fast.

They slope towards downspouts to prevent water from flooding the front of your yard. Then, the downspouts send the water towards drain systems leading to nearby rivers, water reservoirs, or sewage lines.

Without gutters, your lawn gets flooded. When this happens, your garden becomes ruined, and the foundations of your home are at risk.

Moisture weakens the concrete footing of your home. Therefore, gutters are very important, and gutter cleaning tricks make sure they perform in the best way possible.

a contractor repairing a gutter system

Make sure to regularly have contractors check up your gutters and repair any possible damage.

Simple Gutter Cleaning Tricks

DIY cleaning your gutters is easy. Just follow the steps below to get started!

  • The Right Protective Outfit: Wear jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, and rubber gloves. This will protect you from any sharp-edged debris and other objects that can injure you.
  • Extendable Ladders: You’ll need this to get up different areas of your roof.
  • The Most Reliable Gunk Scooper: A small plastic scoop will do.
  • Get a Tarpaulin: Prevent any moisture and gutter debris from entering your yard.
  • Use a Garden Hose: Clean out the rest of your gutter system and flush out the debris. Use a small plastic container to catch debris under your downspout.

Signs You Have Clogged Gutters

Do your gutters get clogged too often or do they rarely show any struggle after a strong rainstorm?

You will definitely expect your gutter systems to get rid of water efficiently. However, in some cases, debris will fill up and block passages faster than you expect.

Considering the situation, learning gutter cleaning tricks de-clogs your gutter systems effectively.  If you learn gutter cleaning and maintenance, you can save money from using professional gutter cleaners.

You also improve the lifespan and durability of your roof and the gutter system itself. Prolonged presence of clogged water will introduce rust and reduce the lifespan of your gutters.

Here are some signs to see if you need to clean your gutters.

Birds Scurrying on the Roof

It’s normal to hear birds chirping on your roof during the morning. However, if you can see them from the ground, it’s a sign you need to do gutter cleaning tricks immediately.

Gutters have a U or open rectangular shape allowing them to catch and carry water to downspouts. For birds, the walls of your gutter make a perfect spot for nesting.

Birds use branches and leaves to create their nests, which will get into your gutter system. So, if you’re frequently hearing a choir of birds throughout the day, it might be time for gutter cleaning tricks.

a brick home with an elegant-looking gutter system

A good gutter system prevents water from overflowing your yard and causing massive property structural damage.

Dirty Sidings

If you’re seeing rustic or brown streaks across your sidings, it is a clear sign you need gutter cleaning tricks.

Gutters catch rainfall from your rooftop and prevent it from landing on your yard. In addition, it prevents dirty rooftop water from spilling on the siding.

Dirty sidings mean sections of your gutter system are overflowing. While the spill level is tolerable to prevent lawn damages, it will dirty your siding every rainstorm.

Sidings improve the curb appeal of a property. A dirty siding makes a house look unkempt and old.

Therefore, cleaning your gutters means less siding cleaning and better curb appeal.

Waterfall Spill Levels

You can expect a small amount to flow out of your gutters especially during extreme storms. However, if your gutters are flowing like waterfalls during the strongest rainstorms, it is definitely time to clean them.

Waterfall spill levels are a clear sign of heavily-clogged gutter systems. To verify the clogging, you can check the water amount flowing out of the downspout.

If the amount is small, it is a clear indication you need gutter cleaning as soon as possible.

a dirty gutter about to be cleaned with water hose

Continuous exposure to moisture will rust and let your roof sag.


Stored water due to clogged gutters will put your gutter system under great duress. Over time, the U-shape of your gutter will possibly open and spill its contents.

In contrast, it may keep holding the water inside but end up sagging in the process.

To test for gutter sagging, take a straight edge over half a meter in length. Then, place it right under the slope of your gutters.

If you find any curves in areas along the gutters, then it has begun sagging. Never leave your gutters sagging to prevent possible long-term damages.

Make sure to contact a gutter repair or replacement team to resolve the problem as quick as possible.

Plant Growth

If you’re living in areas with plenty of trees and plantation, your gutter might fall victim to migrating seeds. The wind, small animals, rains, and snow can bring these seeds into your gutters.

When these seeds receive moisture, sunlight, and soil, they will sprout. If you see plants in your gutters, it is the clearest sign you have clogged gutters.

The U-shape of gutters is perfect for housing soil and moisture perfect for seeds. Most people use old gutters to create hanging gardens too.

However, you wouldn’t want to happen on a fully-functioning gutter system.

gutter cleaning tricks

Gutter plants will clog your gutter system. Remove them immediately with gardening tools and shears. You can choose to re-plant them in your garden too.

Months of Abandonment

When was the last time you checked up on your gutters? In fact, when did you last clean it or have professionals look into it?

If you can’t remember, then it’s the right time to clean your gutters. It is possible the last time you or a professional checked and cleaned it was more than several years.

Bonus: Gutter Leak Testing

You do not just flush out debris with the garden hose. The strong amount of water will pass through all areas of your gutter system.

In turn, it allows water to show any leakage signs. If you see any of the following, you will need immediate gutter repairs.

  • Moisture underneath the gutters
  • A small dripping area in any gutter section

If you leave them unattended, gutters leaks will progressively become worse every rainstorm. Make sure to address them as soon as possible


Gutters might not be as huge as your roof, but they’re there to protect your property from huge hazards. Making sure they’re in good shape is an important task for any homeowner.

However, in the event your gutter system needs repair and replacement, make sure to use a reliable gutter repair or replacement contractor. Fixing a gutter on your own will take time and requires specialized equipment to do so.

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